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A Simple Square of Chocolate


It all began in 2006 during a ski trip in Big Sky, Montana.

Michele Kreisberg Palmer hopped onto a chairlift and found herself face-to-face with her future husband, Marty Palmer. As they chatted casually, he mentioned his family owned the Palmer Chocolate Company in Sioux City, Iowa. Then he did what any fifth-generation chocolatier would do—he offered Michele a square of chocolate to give her energy for her next downhill run. Unbeknownst to Marty, he was offering chocolate to a woman who had sworn off sugar for years. Call it fate, call it temptation, Michele graciously accepted the chocolate.

In that first bite, the future became sweeter for Michele and Marty.

The Journey

Before she met Marty, Michele lived in Boulder, Colorado, where she had studied yoga and Buddhist philosophy for two decades. She was so fascinated and inspired by this spiritual perspective she undertook many travels throughout India and Nepal. It was there she experienced the magic and importance of daily rituals that create depth and richness to everyday life.

Michele was captivated and inspired by the beauty and strength of the women of these cultures—and she was moved by their plight—little education, sexual exploitation, trafficking, child marriage, and poor medical care.

Girls lose their rights to be educated first, in favor of the boys, who are more revered. Women do so much of the work. They are the first to rise, prepare food, haul water, work in the fields, and care for their children They are the glue that holds their families together. Their love and courage motivated me to create something delicious and beautiful, so that I could give in some small way to these magnificent women. — Michele

Sundari was Born

Sundari means beautiful in Hindi. According to legend, Buddha renounced the comforts of palace life to search for understanding suffering while his stepsister, Sundari, stayed home and devoted herself to the enjoyment of sweets. Although she chose a different path than her elder brother, Sundari attained enlightenment through delectable treats. Why not?

When Michele heard Sundari’s story, she realized how she could help women of Nepal and India. A pretty smart Buddha herself, Michele married Marty and now together they have crafted the perfect chocolate with the perfect intention.

A little Buddha chocolate with a big impact: to better the lives of women in Nepal and India.


Sundari Chocolate is made with love and sincere intentions to help. We hope you’ll experience a richer and more profound chocolate bliss, one that touches your soul—because Sundari Chocolate was created to benefit others. — Michele